2018 Indoor Production

For reference, here are our circuit profiles:  SCPA, WGI Temecula, and WGI CSUSB.



Inspiration was derived from the Death Cab for Cutie track of the same name, written by Benjamin Gibbard.  Since titles are not copyrightable, we are committed to this theme.  However, we are currently awaiting approval for use of this work.  If a denial is received, we will be unable to use the actual ingredients of the track.  We're hopeful for a positive response.

We did, however, receive permission for use of the artwork below from the creator.  We altered the original quite a bit, but nonetheless, we sought out approval.  We paid a nominal fee, given our non-profit status, and promised him pictures of the final product.

Screenshot 2017-10-13 21.26.47.png

The original artwork by Czech artist Pavel Filgas is below.  He uses ink and COFFEE.