#5 Wrapped Around Your Finger (circa 1983/2007)

Police:  LIVE in 2007 playing their 1983 hit.  Hit?  That sounds weird.  It almost devalues its significance.  Hit:  entertainment fodder.  I digress...It could be said that our approach at VM is derivative of Stewart's style.  For years I pondered why we can't or why we don't play marching percussion like Stewart.  So, behold:  this is where it came from.


#1 State of Independence - Jon Anderson (circa 1981)

Yes.  The band Yes.  The lead singer from the band Yes.

He wrote this beautiful song with Vangelis (film composer:  Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire, etc).  Almost 30 years later, he was a guest of the Cleveland Youth Symphony.  This video is of that performance.  However, the audio is clearly from a controlled recording environment.  It’s been done many times by different artists, including Donna Summer, Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), etc.  Enjoy!